Is designed to empower children from 5 years of age to adulthood, to senior status. We thrive on “YES WE CAN!” END  DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and, RAPE, one day at a time.

W.E.S.D.A. provides a safe, confidential, multicultural and bilingual training space that will empower and teach women, children and our seniors how not to be victims or be re-victimized.

W.E.S.D.A.  Is convinced that through bold strategies of prevention and intervention along with the skills, tools and effective life saving techniques, women will be successful in staying safe, alive and free from violence. 

W.E.S.D.A.’s Prevention Program teaches women to use their voice as first choice and to know that they do have life sustaining options and choices. Women will learn how to think and believe in themselves as number one and top priority through self awareness, self respect, self confidence and self worth.  Through self defense women will learn Psychological, Verbal and Physical Self Defense and how to be armed with a sense of self awareness and alertness; what they should and should not do in order to stay safe; how to de-escalate a situation rather than escalating it; and lastly, when all other available options and choices have been exhausted, women will know how to physically defend themselves and their lives. Self Defense is not a panacea but it does give women options and choices when confronted with a psychological, verbal and/or physical confrontation.


W.E.S.D.A. does not teach martial arts, it is purely women’s self defense.  What is the difference between the two? Women’s self defense is what women need to know and learn right now and that encompasses psychological, physical and verbal self defense. Martial Arts takes years of formal training.