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How Can You Help Us?

There are several ways that you can help women “Make a change and give life a chance.”  Through your generosity we will be able to improve the quality of life for many women through workshops, seminars, and conferences. Help us by…

Sponsoring an Activity/Event WESDA conducts many empowering workshops for women.  A one time donation or monthly sponsorship gives WESDA the capital required to invest in facilators, counselors, supplies and other program necessities.

Donate to WESDA‘s General FundWESDA is passionate about empowering women and preventing them from being victims or being re-victimized.  With your continued financial help WESDA is able to teach women about life sustaining options, choices and self awareness.

Our Prevention Program is successful because we focus on four elements:

EducationGiving them the tools, skills and techniques that are needed to survive in all aspects of life.

Self Awareness  Consists of:  self respect, self esteem, self confidence, self worth.

Empowerment   Informing women to know that they do have rights and options and choices that they can make in order to survive an attack rather it be verbal, emotional, psychological, physical, financial or sexual.

Self Defense – Giving women simple, easy to remember but yet extremely effective techniques to physically defend herself and successfully get away from her attacker when she finds herself in a physical confrontation.

Volunteer Your Time.  One of the most valuable things we give in life is something we can never get back, our time!  Giving the gift of your time to further the mission of WESDA is most precious and appreciated.  We guarantee the experience will change your life and your perspective.

Generate Awareness about WESDA.  Fundraising awareness and education are keys to helping a non-profit organization sustain its cause.  Help spread the word about WESDA by hosting community fundraisers.  Tell your friends about WESDA through your facebook account.

Feel free to click the “Donate” button and choose your own amount or select a fixed amount below.

WESDA Donation
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1Diamond Donation$10,000.00
2Platinum Donation$7,500.00
3Gold Donation$5,000.00
4Silver Donation$2,500.00
5Bronze Donation$1,000.00
6Aluminum Donation$500.00
7Pewter Donation$250.00
8Brass Donation$100.00
10SGR4L Event Ticket$75.00
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