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Linda Ramzy Ranson photo
Linda Ramzy Ranson photo

Shihan (Master) Linda Ramzy Ranson is an Eighth Degree Black Belt.  For over 35 years she has trained and earned her rank in the martial arts style of Fuji Ryu Jujitsu and is the founder and CEO of the Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy.  Shihan Ramzy owns and operates her martial arts school and Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy in the Bronx.   She teaches both the martial art style of Fuji Ryu Ju-Jitsu to men, women and children and at her Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy teaches a strategic and empowering course of Self Defense for women and young adult girls, which is a highly effect program called “BASK” (Be A Safe kid” Program (BASK) for all kids both boys and girls.  Shihan Ramzy also teaches a self defense program to Seniors Citizens called “SLINK” (Seniors Let In House Neighbors Know – when you come and go) Seniors Link together to stay safe and to Deaf /Hearing impaired and Blind women, children and men .  Shihan Ramzy has competed in several martial arts tournaments over the years and has always place first, second.

Shihan Ramzys’ name is synonymous with women self defense throughout the USA and Internationally.  Throughout the years Shihan  Ramzy has given countless seminars, workshops, lectures and conferences on realistic and practical skills of survival through self defense techniques as well as demonstrations for women and  kids of all ages.  Shihan Ramzy teaches women how to be empowered and defend themselves through verbal, psychological and physical self defense.  Through her strategic self defense course women  learn that they do have a voice, options and choices to make the right decision about their well being and to recognize that when they are confronted in a  potentially dangerous situation they will know what to do to keep themselves safe in any one of these attacks:  Rape, domestic violence/battering, sexual assault and harassment, stalking, psychological, emotional, financial and verbal abuse, street muggings and various other types of assaults of violent crime committed against them.

Here are a few highlights of Shihan Ramzys’ accomplished career:

♀         NWMAF (National Women’s Martial Arts Federation) 2010 Recipient of two prestigious awards: (1) The award of  Excellence in the Martial Arts and Women’s Self Defense, (2) The Colleen Gragen Inspirational Award

Princeton University, from 1989-1999: Chief Instructor, Lecturer and Consultant for Self Defense and Rape Prevention.  On May  20th, 1998, Shihan received Princeton University’s’ prestigious President’s Standing Committee on the Status of Women Tribute Award.

Several Articles are Written: “The Daily Princetonian Newspaper” complimenting her women’s self defense, empowering women and making Princeton University a safer campus for women. Also many articles written in the newspaper:   Daily News, Newsday, Networking  Newspaper for Women, NY Big Red, Puerto Ricos’ San Juan Puerto Rico Daily Star, The Dartmouth in Hanover  of  New Hampshire and NOW of  NY.

Featured in Several Magazines: Newsweek “The Mind of the Rapist”, Upscale, SportKarate, and WomenNews and Tokyo, Japans’International Aikido Federation.

Appeared on Talk Shows: ABC-NEWS “20/20 special “Pushed to the Edge”, and the Geraldo Rivera Show “Crime Busters”.

Coordinator: National Women’s Martial Arts Federation Special Training Camp Conference in June 1993 at Hofstra University in New York.  Theme of camp “Stop the Violence – No More Silence”, the conference boasted the largest attendance of women from around the world and remains the largest in the Federation’s history.

Wesley Snipes Award Tribute to the Masters of the Martial Arts Award on August 1st, 1998.

Served as Consultant for Mayor David Dinkins New York City “Task Force Against Sexual Assault”.

Inductee: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Cleveland Heights, OH in 1993 and World Karate Union Hall of Fame and several others.

Featured in the Rondo Van Clief’s Book, “Black Heroes of the Martial Arts”, published by A&B Book and several other books.

Received the Robert E. Everhart “Living Legend Martial Arts Award” on November 1, 1997.

Awarded Female Shihan (Master Teacher) of the Year by Bolo Martial Arts Productions in 1997.

Hold the World Heavyweight Champion title – Sport Ju-Jitsu/mixed martial arts, 1996.

Shihan Ramzy continues to teach extensively throughout the United States and other countries, including:  Paris, France, London , Holland Amsterdam, Canada and Puerto Rico.  A specialist in Women’s Self Defense, Shihan Ranson has conducted self-defense seminars at many other prestigious universities, colleges, and middle schools to name a few:  The University of Hawaii, Columbia University, New York University, Dartmouth and Kalamazoo as well as Public Schools throughout New York City.

Shihan Ramzy believes that all kids, young adults, women, seniors and the differently abled people should be trained in some form of basic self-defense.  She is committed to empowering women by first teaching them to love themselves first and foremost because if they truly love themselves then they would be more aware of their self-worth and more committed in preventing domestic abuse/violence, and rape etc.   She teaches women if being confronted in a physical attack that physically fighting back is a choice and if they make that choice to fight back it must be with the four “C’s”  absolute Courage, Confidence, Commitment and Conviction, it must be all or nothing.  Whether teaching students Ju-Jitsu at her martial arts school, or self defense at W.E.S.D.A. or speaking to women across the country and internationally about women self defense she imparts to them her five principles: “I’d rather know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it”, “Whatever choice you make to survive will be the right choice for you and only you so do whatever it takes to survive”, “If you make the choice to physically fight back, it must be All Or Nothing”, “Fight back with absolute courage, confidence, commitment and conviction” and “I’d rather be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6.”