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Who is W.E.S.D.A.?

W.E.S.D.A. is the acronym for Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy, it was established in 1981 and became not for profit in 2009. W.E.S.D.A.’s name is synonymous with Women Self Defense nationally and internationally.

What sets W.E.S.D.A. aside from the many other victim services is our main objective to teach prevention through education and life saving self defense techniques. W.E.S.D.A. strongly believes that giving women the tools, skills and techniques will give them a greater chance at having a safer, happier and more productive life. It will also help to stop the cycle of violence against women. These techniques can be applied by anyone and it doesn’t matter the age, size, shape or ability.

From its inception, W.E.S.D.A. has taught thousands of women empowering techniques to keep them safe from domestic violence, rape, battering and abuse, harassment, stalking, street violent crimes and various other crimes committed against women, teens, children and seniors.

W.E.S.D.A. says “Make a change and give life a chance.” If you allow yourself to be used, battered and abused, you really have no life. If you walk the streets with any type of fear, again, you have no life. If you have to ask yourself when and will he hit me again or hurt me in any capacity? Still, you have no life. Life is about living without fear or being psychologically, emotionally and physically abused.

In order to give life a chance you must start with loving, trusting and believing in yourself. Building self awareness is the key to giving your life a chance because you can’t truly love anyone until you have acknowledged the love for yourself, knowing that you are number one and are top priority. Also, what comes with self awareness is self esteem, self worth, self respect and self confidence. They are a team, they work together to make the whole you. They do not, cannot and should not be separated. Master them and surely you will live a safer and happier life and it will also allow you to see that you do have many options and choices for survival.

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